Rainie likes to make friends!

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#Programming in movies vs. programming in real life

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Just another mermaid with wanderlust.

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Bell Tower Corruption, 2014 - 11x14”, digital

Matt Hawkins invited me to be a part of the annual show that he puts on at PAX, this one called “Fangamer ♥ Attract Mode" (event info here!). The lineup of artists participating is insaneeeee and I’m really humbled to be a part of it!

I decided to riff off of one of my favorite rooms in FEZ - the corruption/glitch room located under the bell tower. I replayed FEZ, this time on the Vita, scoped out all of my favorite parts from the game and crammed them in! There will be 25 prints of this available, so go check out the show - you can’t go wrong with that artist list!

Full reveal of my piece for the Fangamer/Attract Mode show!
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Funimation was founded on the day I was born.

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8Bit Holy Ghost (2012-2013)

By: Brock Gordon

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i almost forgot about this

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Yume Nikki.

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